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Towards Forgiveness: Sino-Tasmanian Stories from two Islands

ISBN: 978-1-74027721-1
Publisher: Ginninderra Press, 2012
Paperback, 170pp, 205mmm x 145mm

Hong Kong and Tasmania have much in common. Both are islands; the inhabitants of both have a love-hate relationship with that looming presence, The Mainland; both had a legacy of British colonial rule, in the first instance yielding brutality in Tasmania and racism in Hong Kong; both are extraordinarily beautiful; mountainous but with the sea ever present. And both have governments that refuse to recognize their charge of stewardship over that beauty, as mountains and boatsyou may see on a slideshow tour of Hong Kong and Its Hinterland. Towards Forgiveness is a collection of short stories that bounce between Hong Kong and Tasmania.These stories alternate between the two islands, as they progress from violence, racism and retribution, to love and forgiveness. Seven stories out of the eleven stories have won awards, and all have been previously published.

A powerful and poignant collection of stories that explore the subtleties of human relations, reaching beyond cultural and gender divisions to touch on the universal. – Rosie Dub, author of Gathering Storm and Flight

… At times violent and emotionally wrenching, this collection ultimately celebrates our capacity for forgiveness and love. Each story is a gem in itself and as soon as you finish the collection you’ll want to read it again. – Tammy Ho, founding editor of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

arresting collection … emotional reactions between individuals from two cultures and ultimately revelations of subtle differences that cannot be bridged and need for atonement, forgiveness and sadness results. … a pocket rocket that will have wide appeal. – Warren Brewer, Sunday Tasmanian

Here are three examples:

A Taste of the Cat
Young Josh was no pretty boy; he’d suffered too much at the boys’ prison at Point Puer. The Tasmanian devils did their scavenging thoroughly.
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Just One Sip More
A Chinese woman’s revenge for her ex-husband’s treachery. Read story PDF

Two birds, one stone
Anna Wu was the perfect secretary. She designed the perfect murder to exact a double revenge. Read story PDF

You’ll have to buy the book if you want more!Meantime here are some other stories:

A Laborial Clown
Togatus, Issue 2, 2007.
An even-handed hit at the absurdities of Tasmanian politics.
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Whited Sepulchres
Diana McPartlin & Mio Debnam (Eds).
Sweat and the City: Stories and poems from the Hong Kong workplace.
Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Writers’ Circle, 2006. pp.109-121. Read story PDF


Going for Gold
– Australian Short Story Awards, 2005

A Whited Sepulchre
– Commended, Tom Howard Short Story Competition No. 12, 2004
– Commended, Fish Award, 2004

A Surprising Way of Acquiring Wisdom
– First Prize, Midlands Literary Competition, April 2002

Just One Sip More
– First Prize, Red Dragon, January 2002

The Old Man’s Suit
– Finalist, Writespot, November 2001
– Commended, Mona Brand Central Coast FAW, April 1999
– Second Prize, Dandenong, November 1998

Mr. Thorndyke’s Mistress
– Highly Commended, FAW Manly Peninsula Region, October 2001

Only My Chinese Teacher
– Highly Commended, Southern Cross, Ballarat, June 2001

False Alarm
– Highly Commended, Tom Howard, RASTAR, 2001

Wok au Vin
– First Prize, FAW (Northern Tasmania) James McQueen Short Story Award 2001
Set in Tasmania – the French dish coq au vin becomes the basis for a rare Chinese delicacy.

– First Prize, FAW Manly Peninsula Region, October 1998

Supreme Sacrifice
– Third Prize, RASTAR Tom Howard, June 1998

– Special Commendation, RASTAR Tom Howard, June 1998

Waking Up
– First prize, FAW Central Coast, Dec 1997

A Taste of the Cat
– Runner Up, R. Carson Gold Memorial Bursary, 1995