Photo gallery

On this page are slideshows of straight images on various themes without the wordy travelogue: many are on aspects of our photogenic Tasmania, but also elsewhere.This is very much an ongoing process as I’ll be adding to these galleries from time to time as I sort out my photos. Let’s start with:


AUTUMN IN TASMANIA Random shots including our garden on Mt. Nelson, the Botanical Gardens, Hobart CBD, the Derwent Valley.

ABT RAILWAY from Strahan to Queenstown. Some shots of Strahan, then the beautifully restored Abt rack-and-pinion railway along the King River Gorge, once terribly polluted now struggling back. Finally some shots of Queenstown including of course from the poisoned moonscape overlooking Queenstown. All in all, an encouraging return from near death from pollution and laissez-faire industrialisation.

A FOUR DAY WALK ON MARIA ISLAND We took “The Maria Island Walk“, an award winning eco-tourism venture that involves a four day walk on historic and beautiful Maria Island with splendid guides, who are also wonderful cooks — all Tassie produce washed down with Tassie wines. The walk starts on South Maria and ends at Darlington on North Maria. There’s so much to be said but I’ll just leave with minimally captioned images.

HOBART WATERFRONT We start with the finish of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race then to a glimpse of the annual food festival, the Tastes of Tasmania. Another festival is the Wooden Boat Festival, with some lovely oldies — floating history.

HOBART CBD a stroll around some of Hobart’s wonderful buildings in the CBD. A mixture of styles: Georgian, Victorian, art deco, 60s banality and contemporary controversial.

UP THE MIDLAND HIGHWAY through the side-tracked towns of Kempton, Oatlands and Ross, and taking in some little known buildings such as the old railway station at Paratah, an important stop until the government cut passenger services and now a ghost, and Valleyfield country home. The quirky roadside metal sculptures yet to be added.

SOME WEDDING PHOTOS: Catherine and I were married on 19th December, 2009, in a small East-meets-West ceremony in our house in Mt. Nelson. Here are some photos.


Hong Kong

HONG KONG AND ITS HINTERLAND A tour of HK Island, HKU, Kowloon. Walk the MacLehose Trail, the Pat Sing Leng range and the Lantau Trail and then watch the British emblems come down as theDragon takes over