bweb_ashes BLACK DOG: A MARRIAGE IN ASHES (Custom Book Publications, 2015)
Tom and Susan had it all: Tom handsome, solid, successful; Susan beautiful, artistic, reckless. But they shared a secret: Susan was bipolar. Her depressions seem to be due to an overbearing mother so they move from Tasmania to Hong Kong, where bither are very successful until …  Black Dog is an exploration of the natures of love and lust, and of the terrible consequences of betrayal for the vulnerable.
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ASHES front cover lo res FROM ASHES TO ASHES (Interactive Publications, 2013
After a traumatic experience, young Peter Morrison begins to doubt his father’s certainties: thus begins his lifelong march to the beat of two different drummers: one leads him to follow in his father’s footsteps as a schoolteacher, the other lands him in the sort of trouble good schoolteachers avoid.
Free PDF: https://www.johnbiggs.com.au/from-ashes-to-ashes-2/
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TIN DRAGONS (Published May 2008; reprinted Feb 2009; currently out of print but thinking reprinting)
Most Chinese tin miners came to Tasmania to seek their fortunes, Jack Yang came to escape his devils. But one devil followed him, crippling his ability to love when love was waiting.
 Free PDF: https://www.johnbiggs.com.au/writer/tin-dragons/
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Disguises, by Sally Leigh DISGUISES
Gen Y Cathie feels she’s forced to wear a Chinese disguise. Then an old man tells her some murky family secrets in ’sixties Hong Kong that blow her away. He’s in disguise too … and so is the author, who is disguised as Sally Leigh. More info
How will Man-as-he-is (Homo Sapiens – us) interact with Man-as-She-might-be (Homo Integrens – sort of us but with more evolved brains)? Not well, as John and Liz find out when they are tricked by some sexual blackmail into visiting the planet Kozlar. More info
The Girl in the Golden House, by John Biggs THE GIRL IN THE GOLDEN HOUSE Chris Wong, like many spooked by the Tiananmen Massacre, parks his family in Sydney while he continues to work in Hong Kong. He has made a dangerous decision …
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Short stories

I have also published several short stories. Short story writing was my entrée into fiction, as I guess it is with many. I have published fourteen stories, many having received awards in national comForgivenesspetitions. TOWARDS FORGIVENESS: Sino-Tasmanian Stories from Two Islands is a collection of stories that bounce between Hong Kong and Tasmania (Ginninderra Press 2012).

Published Stories (list and links to excerpts)

Non fiction (non academic)

TASMANIA OVER FIVE GENERATIONS: Return to Van Diemen‘s Land? provides a unique ground-level view of Tasmania’s social and political  progress (or lack of it) through the eyes of five father-son generations of Tasmanian Biggses, from Abraham, who arrived 1833, to John (the author).I left the State in 1957 to return in 1990s, to find that, politically speaking, Tasmania did indeed seem to be returning to Van Diemen’s Land. Read more …


As Freud said, a normally functioning adult has to get two things right: Love and Work. My memoirs recount my stumbling along those two roads.
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