J Biggs (small)I retired from the University of Hong Kong some years ago. I still do a little academic writing but my main interest now is in writing fiction, and non-academic nonfiction. More in ABOUT ME.

ACADEMIC is the story of my academic journey as an educational psychologist. My academic journey, geographically speaking, is my most recent publication (March 2013): CHANGING UNIVERSITES (see opposite). After graduating from the University of Tasmania and then Birkbeck College, London, I changed universities for the next 40 years. In that journey, universities have changed so my story is about that too, and about what they might be like in future

WRITER describes my non-academic writing in three categories: fiction details my four novels and short stories, nonfiction is about memoirs and Tasmanian social history.TASMANIA OVER FIVE GENERATIONS: Return to Van Diemen’s Land? is a socio-political history of Tasmania published by Forty Degrees South. ORDER FORM (Note special online discount: $40 including p&p instead of RRP $49.95).

ASHES front cover lo resJUST RELEASED FROM ASHES TO ASHES The career of secondary school teacher, Peter Morrison. Unlike most of us, Peter marched to the beat of two different drummers: one led him to follow in his father’s respectable footsteps, the other led him into a whole heap of trouble. Facebook page

DISGUISES, published first in 2007, is now an e-book with me as author, not the non-existent Sally Leigh (writers take note: I found that using a nom de plume was not a Copy of Disguises biggs jpeg lo resgood idea). The middle section of this book, set in 60s Hong Kong, is some of my best writing I think. ‘the most beautiful love story I’ve ever read’, as Liz Winfield, Hobart poet, put it. BUY as e-book or POD.

And 4th Edition of : TEACHING FOR QUALITY LEARNING AT UNIVERSITY (with Catherine Tang)

TRAVELOGUES contains illustrated accounts of some of my travels: not documentary-style but focusing on some of the more quirky and personal things that happened in a range of countries including the Mediterrranean, China (several), Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, and the Silk Route. The most recent (added 13 Nov 13): VIETNAM; CAMBODIA; and The GHAN, KAKADUand KIMBERLEY COAST.

PHOTO GALLERY  has slideshows each with a brief explanatory introduction, with a focus so far on Tasmania: Autumn leaves, the West Coast Abt Railwayn (now looking for a sponsor after being abandoned by Federal Hotels), lovely Maria Island, including ” The Maria Island Walk “), Hobart’s waterfront and CBD, and much more. And Hong Kong: Central, the New Territories, all over. This page continually being updated: lots of Tasmania

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CONTACT ME. Please do if you want to comment, seek further information or buy books. Best use my email:  jbiggs@bigpond.com