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 I retired from the University of Hong Kong some years ago. Now living in Hobart, I do some writing, getting more and more political these days, and travelling. More in ABOUT ME.

My most recent news is that on 8 September 2017, I was invested as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) “For significant service to tertiary education, particularly in the fields of curriculum development and assessment.” That’s basically about constructive alignment and the SOLO Taxonomy. In my citation they also mention my nonacademic writing.

Latest travels took us around the Britain, Portugal and Bordeaux

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Some of my recent writing:

POLITICALA Wave of Unreason tells how neoliberalism fills the corporate coffers at the expense of the rest of us, and puts the health of the planet itself at serious risk. Other essays refer to developments in the Federal and to Tasmanian politics. Universities in Society describes the phases of development of Australian universities, their present state, and their proposed future — and yes, another corporate take-over.

ACADEMIC is the story of my academic journey as an educational psychologist. CHANGING UNIVERSITES (2013) is an academic memoir covering over 50 years.  The last chapter describes the rise and fall of Australian universities. BUY  the book as a POD or email me at  jbiggs@bigpond.com for a free PDF version. In fact, email me about ANY of these books.

WRITER describes my non-academic writing: fiction details my five novels and short stories, nonfiction is about memoirs and Tasmanian social history.TASMANIA OVER FIVE GENERATIONS: Return to Van Diemen’s Land? is a socio-political history of Tasmania(very special online discount: now $30 including p&p instead of RRP $49.95. Email me to buy: jbiggs@bigpond.com 

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FROM ASHES TO ASHES The career of secondary school teacher, Peter Morrison. Unlike most of us, Peter marched to the beat of two different drummers: one led him to follow in his father’s respectable footsteps, the other led him into a whole heap of trouble. Facebook page   BUY

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DISGUISES, published first in 2007, is now an e-book with me as author, not the non-existent Sally Leigh (I found that using a nom de plume was not a good idea). The middle section of this book, set in 60s Hong Kong, is ‘the most beautiful love story I’ve ever read’, as Liz Winfield, Hobart poet, put it. BUY as POD. Kindle version is was poorly formatted but a pdf version is FREE if you email jbiggs@bigpond.com .

And 4th Edition of : TEACHING FOR QUALITY LEARNING AT UNIVERSITY (with Catherine Tang)

PHOTO GALLERY  has slideshows each with a brief explanatory introduction, Tasmania including The Maria Island Walk Hobart’s waterfront and CBD, and more; and all oveHong Kong.